Provision in the Desert

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Provision

“He split rocks open in the desert and gave them water from the depths. He caused a stream to come out of the rock and made water flow like a river.” – Psalms 78:15-16 GNB


Greetings in Jesus Name.
Welcome to this beautiful another new day.
What are you bringing to the Lord today. How are you expressing your worship and your love and your thanksgiving to him. Is it with the words that you speak to him. Is it with the songs that you sing for him. Are you offering up your bodies as a living sacrifice unto the Lord. Is it through the tithes and offerings that you bring unto him. Irrespective of how you are bringing your offering to the Lord. It is necessary for you to learn to worship Him everyday in your lives. Not only on sunday morning or not only when you have a special worship night. Not only when you have songs and good music playing in the background. You need to bring him offerings and worship every single day.
As long as you have breathe you are obligated to praise Him. You are obligated to bring your worship and your love and adoration unto the Lord.
Whenever there is a lack of worship or there is a lack of excitement or lack of childlike wonder and thrill in your giving to the Lord, you have to put immediately everything on hold to fix that. Because that is the sign of spiritual disease or infection and you need to get to the root of it. You need to understand where it is coming from or who is influencing you. Or what is distracting you and taking away your excitement and that wonder and that thrill.
The Lord is speaking to the people of Israel through the prophet. It says,
Joel 1:8-9
Cry, you people, like a young woman who mourns the death of the man she was going to marry. There is no corn or wine to offer in the Temple; the priests mourn because they have no offerings for the LORD.”
Look at the state of this nation. There was lack of worship. There was lack of physical giving to the Lord. There was a lack of offerings in the temple. And the Lord said, the way that they need to cry or the reason that should motivate them to cry was like that of a women who was estout to marry a man and even before she could marry him, the man passes away.
If you knew somebody who has gone through something like that, you could imagine the heartbreak, the pain and the tears and mournings that would last for days, months or even years. And that is what the Lord said, the church should do, when you see that there is a lack of worship that you give to the Lord. Or there is lack of offering that you have to give to the Lord.
You don’t have to worry when you don’t have food on your plate. You don’t need to panic or freak out when you don’t have enough fees to pay for your children. Don’t cry because you couldn’t afford the hospital bills or you couldn’t afford a particular lifestyle or the latest iphone.
No, it is not when you should cry!
You should cry and mourn when you feel that you don’t have enough excitement and enough wonder, enough love, enough worship to give to the Lord. It is also applicable in your physical giving to the Lord. When you see that there is no corn or wine in your house to bring as an offering to the Lord. That’s when you need to panic. That is what you should cry and weep over. Because if you have enough corn and wine it could just be worth two copper coins. But if you have enough to bring to the temple and the table of the Lord, to the presence of the Jesus. You know, that two copper coins will work as the seed of your harvest that is about to come in the next seasons.
Even if you don’t have a meal to feed your children but you have a meal to feed the prophet. Then you don’t have to worry about the rest of this famine because that one meal that you gave to the prophet is now going to sustain you through the entire season of famine.
In other words, you don’t have to worry about when you don’t have enough. You have to worry when you don’t have enough to give the God your best. When you don’t have seeds to sow into the kingdom of God. When you don’t have the money, time or your heart at the right place to bring worship and love and honor to the Lord. That has to be the wakeup call for each and every one of you. The Lord says in the scripture, you need to cry like a women who had just lost her fiance. There is great power in your tears. There is great power in your desperation. There is great power in your hunger, and when you are hungry what you get is not necessarily the provison for your need. What you get is a seed, it is just the beginning of what God wants to give to you.
Don’t be foolish to eat up that seed and just be temporarily satisfied. But instead to sow that seed and to give it to the prophet and now let the prophet be the voice of God, be the provider on behalf of God to sustain you through the entire season of famine that is coming ahead of you.
May this word cause your love that you have for the Lord be restored in the name of Jesus

Father we thank you for this grace that you are giving us to cry and to mourn and break our hearts over the lack of joy and giving to you. The lack of excitement and thrill and wonder in worshipping you. The lack of seeds we have even in our pockets to put offerings or build altars. We pray that today you would give us seeds.
In our hearts and in our wallets you would give us seeds that we will not eat up but use those seeds to provide for us in the next season of our lives by sowing it into the presence of the Lord, into the temple of Lord. We pray that you will give us the understanding to understand this revelation.
In Jesus name we pray.

God bless you!


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