Timely Advice

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Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket. -Proverbs 25:11
Transcript:Good morning and greetings in Jesus name. Welcome to everything that the Lord has prepared and kept in store for you and me. Today the Lord wants you to be receptive. He wants you to keep your eyes, heart and ears open to receiving help and wholeness from places and people that you don’t expect. God can use anybody and everybody to bless us, to provide for us, to help us. In fact, when God does want to help us, he always uses a messenger, a man or a woman of God who can bring a word, a voice, which encourages and uplifts us and such a word that comes at the right time is a reason for our breakthrough and blessings. Proverb 25:11, “Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket.” A word that is spoken at the right time, an encouragement that arrives not after you needed it but at the right time/ season. It is lovely, beautiful, glorious; it is worth paying money for; that is worth golden apples in a silver basket, this is the analogy that the writer is using in the scripture. My prayer this morning is that we will be receptive to the encouraging word that comes to us at the right time and will we also be channels and spokespersons of this encouraging advice to other people. This requires us to depend on the Lord, to walk with the Lord, to understand His ways, His heart, His plans and His purposes. From the perspective of Martha and Mary Jesus was late, but from the Gods’ perspective, Jesus came at the right time. Jesus gave them the bible study on resurrection just at the right time, Jesus gave them comfort just at the right time. Because God saw things in a completely different dimension. If you want to give timely advice and if you want to receive timely advice then you have to be in sync with the heart and mind of God. Click To TweetSometimes when somebody brings a piece of advice or a solution or an answer we reject it saying, it’s too late or it is not useful now or it’s too late. And we reject the advice and opinion. It is necessary that we go back to God and we understand our seasons, timings, what God is doing in our life right now and that will help you to perceive if the advice you are getting is at the right time and if they advise you are giving is also in the right time. In the natural, we can judge and misjudge situations. We can look into the amount of money we have in bank balance, how many resources we have with all of the influences and network put together and based on that we can receive or give advice. But somebody who is dependent on the Lord, who knows realities that cannot be seen, that cannot be counted or observed with our naked eye, those people are the ones who can give timely advice, those people that are looking at a dimension beyond what you can see or touch. My prayer is that the Lord will cause our advice to be lovely, our words to be fitting, to be the right structure, the right place for the right thing. The word says that it is like golden apples in a silver basket, which means that when they see you or know you from a distance, they might not be as impressed as when they partake of you, because the basket is made of silver which is not attractive, but when the basket is opened up, the gold that is inside is of so much value than they make on the outside. Is that something that you could aspire, pray and work towards that every word we speak will be like gold, like a precious metal, will be much better than how you look on the outside, how you feel on the outside, how people perceive you on the outside. We take so much care on presenting ourselves well from Monday to Sunday. We dress up well so that we can be presentable. We take so much care so that the silver basket looks nice. But the Lord says that we need to pay equal or more attention to make sure that when the silver basket opens up or when the word begins to flow, that will look even better. It will be gold compared to the silver basket that you are made out of. Some of us are the opposite. We look golden on the outside but when we open our mouths our word is not encouraging. It is discouraging in fact. This will not be said about you and me. Let us pray together and ask God to give the grace to speak timely advice and a timely word.

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