World on Fire

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Refuel

“I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning! – Luke 12:49 (NLT)


Let us get a little closer to the Lord today and experience Him in a new way.
The Lord wants to do new work in His people every day. His ways are mysterious, His methods are unique; and His mercies, grace and revelations are new every day. Continually disconnecting from the things received in the previous seasons helps receive what God has in store now. This means one should not just dwell on the past revelations so that the Lord can give new revelations.

Luke 12:49 says
“I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning!
This verse talks about a fire that burns, destroys, divides, and devours everything in its way. God, Himself is a consuming fire Who gives what is needed and takes away what isn’t. One should yield himself/herself to the Lord and allow His fire to burn through him/her; to burn through all the old desires and old patterns because even though not everything is bad, not everything is meant for one’s whole life.

For example, The law is for a person until he/she is ready to receive grace. So even though the law is the first step, it is not meant for the whole life; at some point, one will have to renew their thinking and tap into the grace of God.
One should renew their decision-making patterns and the basis of their life goals and decisions by putting it through the fire; including the good and godly things like the revelations that have been real and personal. One should learn to put everything through the fire and allow the Lord to make something new.

Whenever God allows fire, it is to make something new. Click To Tweet

For example, According to revelations, God will burn the earth to create a new earth and heaven.
If one allows the Lord to consume his/her desires, goals, ambitions and every pattern of life and belief, it is not that they wouldn’t have anything to stand upon but that God will give them something new and fresh.
God desires that His people would be set on fire, be burning and be consumed so that there is space for something new, something brighter and something more precious.

People put their trust in other people, relationships, jobs, bank accounts, studies, etc. God wants His people to disconnect from such things and allow the Holy Spirit to come and baptize them with fire so that their hearts can be aligned first with God and be loyal to Him; And to live life the way God directs them in their jobs, relationships, finances, conversations, etc.

Instead of waiting for our circumstances to align up so that we can walk with God better, let’s submit everything to the fire of God and let the heart of God give us a fresh revelation about how to do life today.
Start afresh every day to change your life direction and yield to God’s will and His heart.

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