God of Deliverances

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Our God is a God of deliverance; the Lord GOD is our rescuer from death. Psalms 68:20 BSB


Greetings my dear friend. Welcome to this amazing new day. Today we are going to continue to experience the favor that God has already shown us. If we trust and rely on what God has spoken to us we will see victory upon victory.

The enemy cannot have the last laugh because our God has the final say. He is the master and the ultimate sovereign God. And it doesn’t matter even when we fail; it doesn’t matter how we have given up on God or how we have been unfaithful to Him, because He continues to remain Faithful to His word in our life. So would we trust and stand in that word ? Would we hold fast the passion of our faith because the Lord is our protector and provider.

I like how the Psalmist says in Psalm 68 vs 20 – “Our God is a God of deliverances.” I want you to confess this over your life today that the God we serve is the God of deliverances.

The children of Israel from the time in Egypt kept seeing how God would deliver them first from the clutches of Pharaoh and then from physical and spiritual hunger and thirst, and all through their journey in the wilderness, every time the enemy tried to attack them, our God would rise up as a God of deliverances. And the enemies of God and the enemies of His people will scatter.

In spite of all the enemies and the challenges, struggles, you are facing today, can you declare the truth about who our God is? Our God is a God of deliverances. He has a PhD in delivering and rescuing you, so do not fear being caught up in a storm. Do not have a fear of being in the middle of the ocean and not knowing where to go or what to do. Jesus knew fully well that the disciples will be caught up in the storm and still He allowed them to get into the boat, and asked them to go to the other side of the lake.
During one occasion, He slept in the boat. On another occasion, He came to them walking on the water. And there was a crazy storm, waves and wind all around this boat in spite of knowing that this is going to be a harmful weather to travel, Jesus asked them to get into the boat and get deeper and further. If we don’t trust that God is in control, then we will cry out like the disciples who said, “don’t you have any problem that we are drowning?” Instead their confession should have been our God is a God of deliverances
And when He would allow certain situations and enemies to fight me, He is the one who is going to stand in the gap and protect me in spite of what the enemy intends to do to my life. The bible says in Psalm 68 vs 20 – “Our God is the God of salvation; And to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death.”

In other words, what the author is saying is that God has the exclusive right and the only person who has the ability to rescue people from death for those who are going down into the grave. And for those who are being destroyed there is only one who can help them out if there and it’s Yahweh. No one else can help or rescue you. God has patented this right that he is going to be the one who rescues! He is the one who holds the key to death and life and has eternal destines in the palm of his hand. He is the one who can speak a word and everything in your past and your present and future can be brought into divine alignment. He is the one who can stretch forth His hand and the Pharaoh that is enslaving you gets overwhelmed by the red sea that you so conveniently crossed over. He is the One who is worthy of your trust. He is the God of deliverances.

The entire Psalm 68 is the song of praise, appreciation and celebration to this God of deliverances. So, will you echo that song in your life today? Will you write your own song to this God of Deliverances? Will you write your own confession about this Yahweh to whom belongs escape from death? Because according to your praise and confession, will be your blessings and breakthrough in your life.

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Let’s pray together, dear Father, we thank you that you promised us this restoration. We believe that when we stand on your promises, we will see those things manifest in our life, and we call you God of deliverances. We trust in your word and stand on your promises. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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