Most Essential Need

by | May 11, 2022 | Rest

Yet the people do not turn back [in repentance] to Him who struck them, Nor do they seek the Lord of hosts [as their most essential need]. – Isaiah 9:13 AMP


Good morning and greetings in Jesus’ name. Welcome to this beautiful new day. The Lord wants to show himself near to us. He wants us to be near to him. He wants our lives to be built on a steady foundation. And that foundation has to be his character. His love, his personality, who God is his greatness. His glory now becomes the foundation of our lives.  

When we try to seek help or refuge in any other source outside of God, we are now laying precedent in our life to end up worshiping idols. Every help that you get in life has to be because you believe God brought that into your life. And if God has not given it to you, then you have to refuse help. You know, the story of Adam and Eve. They ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, hoping to receive some help and hoping to become like God. Yet because God had not ordained it, that pursuit ended up becoming idle. Worship, ended up disconnecting them from the grace and the glory of God.

The Bible says in Isaiah 9:13  about a generation who’s been judged and struck down. God looks at them and says yet the people they do not turn back in repentance to him who struck them. God’s purpose in punishment in discipline was not to hurt us. It was to turn them back to repentance, to turn their hearts around. The character of this generation of people that didn’t repent was that they wouldn’t depend on the Lord of hosts in such a degree that they would consider God to be their most needed source for their life. They always had other things that they would rely on. God was not the only person that they will depend on to meet their need, to take care of them. And that led them into all kinds of sin later.

There are two sins that the Lord is highlighting in this place, a sin where there is no repentance and a sin that they do not seek the Lord of host to be their most essential help. Do you want to truly and completely enjoy the rest that God wants to give you? Then you need to repent from your way of living. You need to be willing to upgrade your belief and behavior system and behavior pattern. You need to give your time, your life, your resources to serve the one who struck you. What father that loves his children will not discipline them, says Jesus, who is punishing you from time to time, he does.

When we don’t have anybody or anything, it is very easy to depend on the Lord, but the temptation to slowly deviate our trust to people increases with the prosperity. If we can just seek the Lord as of a most essential need, then we can rest in him. We can expect a restoration in and through this entire season that is in front of us.

Let’s pray together, Father, we give you praise for revealing the importance of repentance to us. Today. We give you praise for showing us how we need to seek you our Lord of hosts. As of most essential need, help us to trust in the promises that you have given us in the voice that you have spoken to us. The word that you have given us the assurances that you’ve given us time, and again, help us to stand on it and live through it. By abiding in you in Jesus name, we pray Amen.



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