My Wandering & My Tears

by | May 10, 2022 | Rest

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. – Psalms 56:8 NLT


Greetings in Jesus’ name!

This day, let’s depend upon the grace and promises of God, so that we can continue to succeed in this season of life. Every time we depart from the voice of God in our lives, we are setting ourselves up for confusion and constant wanderings. We’ll read about this, in the book of Psalms 56:8 “You keep track of all my wanderings. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”

Here, the Psalmist is talking about a season of life, where he was wandering from one thing to another, from one issue to another, from one problem to another, and in this season of wandering, he felt like he did not have any direction or help from God. The reason for such a season in his life; could be the result of lack of alignment or lack of ability to hear God’s voice.

When we see ourselves in similar circumstances, we cannot conclude these happenings in our life saying, God doesn’t want to help us, or God doesn’t love or care for us. Because, the God we serve is a Shepherd! He is a loving father and a friend, although we may not realise it, he wants to be present in our lives, especially in our season of wilderness. It is quite normal to be bogged down with thoughts of loneliness in this season and we may even feel like God doesn’t worry about what we are going through, and slowly, we begin to question God; the choices we made; and the help/advices that were given to us.

The Psalmist says, God has kept a record of days of my wandering… which means, every wrong choice we’ve made, every time we wandered off, every restlessness we’ve experienced, guess who’s keeping a record of all this things! God is!!! Our father in heaven, keeps a note on where we go wrong and how could we be corrected or helped in those seasons of life. How good and loving is the heart of our father, whose eyes are completely focused on us, even on those days we run away from him, and, withdraw ourselves from the choices, God is making over our lives.

The next line in the verse says that, you have stored my tears in your bottle and recorded each one in your book. Let’s take the example of Hagar as she journeyed through wilderness, along with her son. Ishmael was thirsty and was dying of thirst, and as a mother Hagar could not watch her son die. So, she pushed herself away to a place, she could no longer hear the cry of her son. This was a point in her life, where she couldn’t make sense of anything that was happening to her, she didn’t know where she went wrong or what was the fault of her child, as to be deserted to an extend of death. In that moment of helplessness and loud tears, an angel of the Lord came down and opened a spring for them and, Hagar called that place, El Roi – which means, the God who sees me, who understands me, and who is for me.

Today, wherever we are in life, remember! El Roi, he is there for us. He sees our pain and tears, our struggles and problems. It is because, we don’t believe that God can take care of us or fight for us or work on our behalf, we are in constant pursuit to take care of ourselves. We work hard, when we are supposed to take rest; we fight, when we are supposed to keep quiet; we fast and try to impress God, when we are supposed to relax and enjoy in his presence. What God considers of value is our tears and struggles, rather than any other precious metals and the Bible says, he treasures them. He is a God, who wants to come down into our situations and be a helping hand/voice to us. He wants to be a comforting fatherly figure in our life, so, let’s not continue on the path of wandering and, take this time to rest and trust on his promises. Because, he has planned rest and restoration for our lives, in this season.

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