Angry Enough to Die

Nov 13, 2018 | Revival

Jonah 4:9
Then God said to Jonah, “Is it right for you to be angry because the plant died?” “Yes,” Jonah retorted, “even angry enough to die!”

God sent Jonah to the wicked city of Nineveh to proclaim the gospel though it was an enemy nation to Israel.

In chapter 4, Jonah was upset that the plant that gave him shade died, to an extent, he compared his life to be as good as dead.

But, God told Jonah, he was angry over a plant that did not provide shade. How much more should he have been angry to go and preach to people about their sins in the land of Nineveh and speak on behalf of God.

How often are we upset for the wrong things in life?

We might be upset about:
– Not getting food at the right time.
– When people don’t appreciate us in the best way possible.
– When things don’t go well in our relationships

To a point, we compare it to being as good as dead.

But, God’s dream for us is that we would bring revival in the land that we are placed in.

What are the things that causes you to be so off God’s purposes, where, you are no longer concerned about God’s heart but concerned about your comfort?

God calls us for glory, for signs and wonders and to carry His presence to the ends of the earth.

What are those things that make you upset with God?

Here’s a word for you:

God has a greater, better, bigger purpose for you, to be a voice in this nation, in the place of darkness to shine His light.
God has a plan and desire for you, and nothing that you ever do will be as great as His plan for your life.

Lord, I pray for every person that is listening to me right now, I pray that there will be a heart beat for revival that will start beating in their hearts right now. I pray that there will be a realignment and a shift from their dreams and desires to your dreams and desires for them, that there will be an increase that will happen in their lives and in their hearts from where they are placed to where you want them to be placed. Lord, elevate us from our plant mentality to our nations mentality. We no longer want to die for the sake of a plant, we want to lay down our lives to see our Nineveh’s being revived, restored and renewed. We give you our praise, in Jesus name, amen!

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