Authority or Anointing?

Sep 20, 2018 | Revival

1 Samuel 19:7 NLT
Afterward Jonathan called David and told him what had happened. Then he brought David to Saul, and David served in the court as before.

Jonathan was Saul’s son, the legal heir to the throne, supposed to be the next King of Israel, and the Bible says that Saul was extremely insecure of David because of his victories, because God was on his side, he was anointed and was doing things that Saul has not done, and also people were praising David, and so, he was trying to kill David.

Jonathan is the one to benefit from Saul’s insecurity. If Saul gets rid of David, it is Jonathan who will benefit from it since Jonathan would be sitting on Saul’s throne, if David is not a threat to Saul. Even though Jonathan knew and understood that, instead of becoming a competition to David, Jonathan became friends with David.

Every one of us have those people that makes us feel insecure, and it is absolutely normal to have those kind of people around us, and we think if only I can outperform them, then we can sit on the throne.

If God has anointed a David, no matter how much Saul tries to establish the throne of Jonathan, the throne will still go to David. If God is on a person’s side, we cannot fight it for sure, but what we can do is to befriend the anointing, is to find favor with the person who has favor with God. Bible says, Jonathan went and vouched for David to his Father, and he made his father promise that he will not kill David, and he went and brought David back into the court.

Jesus said, God blesses those who works for peace, those who are peacemakers, God is proud of His children who are intentional peacemakers. The reason being that is God himself is a peacemaker. God gave His only begotten Son to us so that heaven and earth can be at peace with each other.

Sometimes we find the anointing, the anointed one, the one with the favor, and we side with that person and throw down our fathers. We dishonour our fathers and dishonour the ones that God really placed over our lives. You don’t have to side with the anointing and fight the authority that the Lord has placed over you. In fact you can be like Jonathan and say I honor my father and I respect the anointing upon David, and I want to bring the both of them together.

I pray that God will give the discernment to identify the Saul’s and the David’s in your lives and bring them together instead of fighting and making them fight and becoming insecure yourself. Be like Jonathan who will bring the David’s back into the presence of the fathers.

God bless you. May that word encourage and edify you for the rest of the day. Have an amazing day ahead.

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