Come Back to Life

May 16, 2018 | Revival

Isaiah 23:15 NLT
“For seventy years, the length of a king’s life, Tyre will be forgotten. But then the city will come back to life as in the song about the prostitute.”

Series: The Book of Isaiah

If you wait for God’s appointed time in your life, you will see deliverance.

When you are dead, your body begins to rot away, it becomes stiff and numb to the things around you. There will be no more feelings or reciprocation and slowly it begins to become inflexible, stiff and cold, and suddenly if life comes in it, there will be a huge transformation.

You might be experiencing a dead situation in your life right now, but if you wait on God and expect Him to do something today, He will bring deliverance and bring you back to life.

Isaiah 23:15 is talking about Tyre which was a prosperous city, God says it will be forgotten/dead, but after 70 years He is going to revive the city.

You might be be waiting for long for God to do something in your life, it is worth it to persist and to wait because God is going to revive every dead things in your life.


Father, I declare this upon my brother, sister and family who are going through crisis in their marriage, job, ministry, in this season for it to come back to life. If this is the season for them to come back, i declare that life will flow into their dead bodies, into their dead situations, into their dead marriage, dead organisation and turn around everything and let it bring great glory to You, in Jesus’ mighty name we pray, amen!

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