Not One Enemy Alive

Sep 17, 2018 | Revival

Joshua 11:8 NLT
And the LORD gave them victory over their enemies. The Israelites chased them as far as Greater Sidon and Misrephoth-maim, and eastward into the valley of Mizpah, until not one enemy warrior was left alive.

It is the Lord who is going to give us victory from our enemies. It is not our money, influence or church membership but only the Lord who will give us victory. If it is the Lord who is going to give us victory then it is necessary for us to to be devoted to the Lord, to His plan for our life.

Everytime we walk outside the plan of God for our lives we are disconnected from His word, Spirit, body, church, and then we wonder why is it that we are living in defeat. The Bible says that the Lord gave them victory over their enemies. May the Lord give us victory over our enemies as we remain devoted to His heart.

Revival means that we let the presence of God manifest to such an extent in our earthly environment that this earthly environment transcends and becomes the heavenly environment, it begins to represent the kingdom of God. And when revival comes every one of His enemies has to scatter. That is what will happen in our lives, in our homes, cities and church. Whatever the enemies be that we are fighting for, ask God to give victory over these things as we are praying for revival in our cities, homes, lives.

The Lord can give us victory but we are not willing to chase them out of our places and when we don’t chase them they remain there and they breed and multiply till they become huge army and become a challenge for us and our generations to continue to battle for years.

We should not tolerate anything that the Lord has already given us victory over sin. If the Bible says that we have victory over our sin then we do have it but it is our job to chase it out of our life.

May this week be the week of us exercising the authority that the Lord has given us and we will chase them out one by one, be it diseases, financial challenges or anything that the Lord has already given victory over, let us stand up as a warrior and chase them out of our life until nothing remains.

When we work in partnership with God, our victory will not be 10% or 20% but it will be 100%.

Let us receive and walk through it and live in it and live for it.

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