Timing of God

Apr 15, 2020 | Revival

Timing of God

Apr 15, 2020 | Revival

Esther 5:7-8 MSG
Esther answered, “Here’s what I want. If the king favors me and is pleased to do what I desire and ask, let the king and Haman come again tomorrow to the dinner that I will fix for them. Then I’ll give a straight answer to the king’s question.”

This podcast is a repost, originally published on November 23, 2015.

It is sad to see that many Christians are not sensitive to the timing of God. Often wrong decisions can cost us our tomorrow. In this podcast Pastor Priji talks about the timing of God from the revelation he received from the book of Esther 5:7-8.

The book of Esther is about the life and story of a noble woman called Esther. Her life and the godly choices she made are exemplary to all of us.

The passage that we read today has a beautiful context to it. We see a woman who waited for the right time to do the right thing and it turned out to be a great success for her and her people.

With preparedness through fasting and prayer for a period of time, Esther confronts Haman and the king, and later we see how the enemy was completely shut down from all his plans.

Being sensitive to God’s timing is important. It could be on the various areas of our lives; could be marriage, while stepping into ministry or while finding a new job. Not having a sense of urgency is something worth considering.

Waiting on God’s timing and then taking necessary steps is what we need to do. By doing this, we will be people who are in sync with God’s timing. God’s timing is filled with goodness and favour.

We pray that you be a person who honours the timing of God in all the areas of your life like Esther did.

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