Use This Persecution

Jan 17, 2019 | Revival

2 Thessalonians 1:5 NLT
And God will use this persecution to show His justice and to make you worthy of His Kingdom, for which you are suffering.

So often we may face adverse circumstances around our life, and this will make you think that these circumstances don’t want you to walk with God or give your 100% to Him. This is what we define as persecution.

Anytime that you live for God and the enemy is trying to fight and stop you from doing that, that is persecution.

This doesn’t mean that God will send persecution but the Bible says God will use this persecution to show His justice and to make you worthy of His Kingdom, for which you are suffering.

There are two purposes of the persecution that we experience:

1 – God shows His justice

The Bible says blessed are those who are persecuted. God has a reward for them.

If you are persecuted you are set up for a great blessing. For example, Joseph was treated bad, but God showed His justice by showing off what He can do to a person who is mistreated, by making Joseph the prime minister of Egypt.

Persecution is not the end, but an opportunity that you are giving to God to show off His justice and bring more favour upon your life.

Taking Job’s life as another example, at the end of his story it says in everything he was blessed in double portion. God used his persecution to show off His justice at the end.

God knows how to turn your adverse circumstances for your good and for His glory.

2 – God makes you worthy of His kingdom

The one thing that makes us worthy of the kingdom of God is our faith in Jesus. The moment we believe in Him we enter into His kingdom but the Bible talks about the fire that purifies gold – the fire that cleanses us from all the dirt in our life.

What Job feared the most, it happened to him. The fire or the persecution that you go through generally reveals your weak areas of your life and brings the best out of you.

Every man of God in the Bible who have gone through a fiery situation they understood the value and perspective of God and it prepared them to be rulers and ambassadors of the kingdom of God.

God will not let any of your persecution to go in vain but He will use it to be a blessing to you.

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