Valued, Honoured & Loved

Sep 23, 2019 | Revival

Valued, Honoured & Loved

Sep 23, 2019 | Revival

Isaiah 43:4 HCSB
“Because you are precious in My sight and honored, and I love you, I will give people in exchange for you and nations instead of your life.”

God is with us, for us and working on our behalf day and night. Even if we don’t see it or realize it, He is working on reviving us. He knows how to bring dead dreams, hopes and relationships back to life.

In fact, God did more than that, He gave His only begotten son for us. God is looking at us and in His sight we are precious and valuable. We are of great price.

Now when we look at ourselves, we might see ourselves as useless, good for nothing, hopeless, making decisions of no more entering into ministry, church or difficult zones in life etc. But when God looks at us He says we are not who we say we are, not who people or circumstances say we are but we are precious to the Father.

Let’s begin to see ourselves how God sees us, and that will be the catalyst in reviving our hope and our lives.

Second thing God says is, not that we are precious or valuable but we are now honored. He honors us. It’s one thing for us to honor God, it’s one thing for God to honor people who have everything going good for themselves, people who are going strong in ministry etc. but the people group written about in Isaiah is the idol worshipping, immoral people group, God is saying that even these people, not only are they precious in His sight but they are also honored. God wants to uplift even them. God will make sure that we all are not ashamed.

If we have lost hope or feel our dreams are dead, here is the best reason why we should be alive because God says He honors us.

Third thing God says is, not only are we precious in His sight but He loves us. We are His sons and daughters. That love is something that we can never measure. We cannot measure that with the extent of blood that was spilled in the passion of Jesus Christ. We cannot measure it by the amount of money in our bank, amount of friends and family, there is no measure to His love.

‘Because our circumstances are bad, God doesn’t love us‘, we cannot measure His love by these statements.

Infact, God is willing to give up people and nations in exchange for our lives, to make sure we experience His love and honor for us, so that we know that we are truly precious in His sight.

He wants us to know He is willing to give up everything to give us love, hope and new meaning in our lives today.

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