Sanctified Secret Life

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Salvation

And this is the message I proclaim-that the day is coming when God, through Christ Jesus, will judge everyone’s secret life. – Romans 2:16 NLT


Let’s remind ourselves and begin with changing our mindset on God’s love for us that it was never received by us because of our deeds but purely because He just does, even with our imperfections which He demonstrated by His nail pierced hands on the cross.

In this verse specifically, Paul is talking to the believers about the future judgement that Jesus is going to place on our accounts performed in our secret lives. To live a life of sanctification is to live a life according to the word of God. To understand that Jesus died so that we can be transformed and renewed in our mind, body and spirit and not conform to the patterns of this world.

This however raises the question of what basis are the unbelievers judged on. Their thoughts and their actions. Those are dictated by their conscience which is said to be an echo of God’s law which tells them between what is right or wrong even though they themselves do not have His law. The Bible does state that all of us will be judged based on our conscience, however, if that was the case, we’d all come out guilty.

Our secret lives, thought patterns, the motives of the heart, its innermost desires will all be out on display for God to judge at the appointed time with no explanations permitted. The only power that can cleanse us of our uncleanness is the blood of Jesus.

Invite Him into your heart, let His grace overwhelm you and His mercy forgive you of your wicked ways. Believer it or not, we have committed errors over and over again yet God still purifies you through His blood by paying the price on the cross.

For a day is coming when He will judge man and woman, believer and non believer alike on their secret lives.

So live a sanctified secret life by repenting and asking forgiveness to let go and let God.

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