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Nov 23, 2017 | Podcast, Worship

Psalms 24:6

Such people may seek You and worship in Your presence, O God of Jacob. Interlude

Series: Experience God’s Nearness

The reason God wants to explain His closeness with us, the reason He wants to explain the access with us is so that we will begin to utilize them. It’s not so that we can just have head knowledge or information about God’s nearness but it’s so that we can begin to access that closeness that God has given us and make the maximum benefit out of it. So that we can get closer to God, to lean on Him, to become intimate with Him.

  • The verse talks about ‘US’. In the Old Testament, they had many things that would cover their sins, but they would never be clean.
  • But in the New Testament, the blood of Jesus has made us clean, pure and made us Holy. It has not only covered our sins but has washed us completely.
  • The verse says that such people may seek Him. The Bible goes on to say that ‘ When we seek God, He will be found by us’. Seek with all of our heart to find Him.

The challenge with us is not that we aren’t holy, the challenge isn’t that we aren’t pure or perfect enough to see God, but it is that we are not willing to seek God. We have taken the access that God has given us for granted and we are not willing to pursue Him.

When we see that it brings pleasure to God to see His children seek Him, His bride, His lovers, who He created for His pleasure and His glory, that ‘ such people may seek you and worship in your presence ‘, it is a privilege that He views us that way and we shouldn’t take advantage of it.
Also it says ‘ May seek ‘, He doesn’t say we ‘ Have to ‘ or ‘ better ‘, but ‘ May ‘ seek you ‘. Means He finds it good and acceptable and would love for us to seek Him and worship Him in His presence.

So many times we tend to take the presence of God for granted. We think God is everywhere so it’s okay to go about our own lives.
It’s true that God is everywhere, the Bible says that when we go to the Heavens, He is there, even when we go to the depths of the earth, He is still there. His presence is everywhere, but remember – His presence manifests in different measures.

Every time we become aware of His presence or begin to worship in His presence, something changes, His presence now begins to become the manifested glorified presence in that place. All of a sudden we’ll be able to touch Him, feel Him, begins to invade the physical realm around us, the temperature of the room changes, the way things around us looks begins to change, the smell around changes, everything begins to shift when He begins to manifest Himself.

If you want God to manifest in your life then do these steps –

  1. Begin by Seeking Him – ‘ Seek ye first the Kingdom of God ‘. ‘ Seek and you shall find ‘. ‘ Seek Him with all of your heart and He will be found by you ‘.
  2. Begin by Worshiping in His presence – His presence is already there in our room, we don’t need to go to a church to do worship, right in our room, if we can kneel down and just yield to God.

Make a fresh start today, use this beautiful opportunity to have God manifest for us on our behalf.

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