God of the Redeemed – Jeremy Riddle

Apr 1, 2018 | Sunday Songs

Isaiah 43:1
“….for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!”

| Lyrics |

We belong to You Father
Love has come, we’re orphans no longer
Brought into Your light and freedom
By the blood and the mercy of Jesus

Its rising, its rising, the song of hope
From us set free
Its rising, its rising, its rising up

Hallelujah to You God of the redeemed
Hallelujah, You’ve opened blinded eyes to see
We will praise You
You are the everlasting light
Hallelujah to You God of the redeemed

We belong to You Father, living for
Your glory and honor
Here on Earth, just as in Heaven
We usher in, the reign of Your Kingdom

The Resurrection of Jesus is the day of hope for all mankind because Jesus rose from the dead and conquered death. A price that He paid on the cross and redeemed us for eternity and a promise that we belong to Jesus! It’s a day of victory and celebration.

Celebrate and thank Jesus today for His glorifying victory on the cross!

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

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