The GPs talk about Quality Time

Dec 9, 2017 | Marriage, Podcast

Here’s a conversation on Marriage that we had with one of our closest friends. Please join along as Evg. Arun GP and Pavithra GP share their experience of knowing Jesus and loving each other.

1. What do you do to keep your marriage fresh?
• The key is quality time with each other. Being with each other having no agendas in particular adds value and enhances the marriage.

• When we do not spend that time together, we feel drained out with other responsibilities. Being together helps in bonding and releases stress.

2. What if Quality Time is not the love language?

• It must be intentional, whether it is your love language or not. Just as we are to spend quality time with God, we must spend time with each other, for marriage is the reflection of that relationship.

• The more different we are, the more we need to spend time to know one another.

• Taking a break to be with one another helps regain the strength lost in grinding work.

3. Prioritizing personal time with God and with each other.

• The more we spend time with God, the easier it is to handle, love, and dwell in what God has called us to be in a marriage.

• Set up a time making it a part of the schedule.

• The love that overflows in our time with God is what will overflow into our marriage.

4. What are the great challenges faced?

• Accepting that we both are different.

• Not trying to change the other person into me.

• Loving the other person as they are.

• Understanding the other person’s personality and working to help each other.

• Understanding that the person is not against you in a problematic situation, but it is their personality.

If you’ve heard marriage to be painful, it is a lie. Marriage is amazing, beautiful, blessed.

This podcast is a repost, originally published on May 14, 2016.

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