This is Your Time

Jan 29, 2018 | Podcast, Revival

Ecclesiastes 3:1 NLT
“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”

Series: Understanding God’s Time

God works in seasons, He is a God of order. When He created the Universe, He set some seasons in place. There’s a season for rain, for summer, for harvest, for sowing. Similarly, there’s a season for our spiritual dimensions. He has set a season for every aspect of our life. This season that we are in right now – is a season of revival. God wants to do something special for His people.

We may get discouraged when we don’t see the affirmations or move of God we expected to see in the last season. Be encouraged knowing that this season you have entered into is a season where you will see an unprecedented move of God, like the first century church saw.

As a church, we believe that this season will be one of divine visitations over your life. Our God who set these seasons in place, also knows how to transition from one season to another. Pastor Priji declares a transition in your seasons – No more being stuck in failure, poverty, addictions or a sinful lifestyle. You are being transitioned into a season of rejoicing and of deliverance, where things are going to shift for good. Receive this as a prophecy over every area of life you are struggling with. It is not a momentary change; it will be a permanent change. When the transition happens, you will know that there is no turning back and you don’t have to fear it anymore. Like the Egyptians who drowned in the Red Sea and were not seen anymore – You may be pursued till the Red Sea, but you’re not going to see them again. That’s the season you are getting into.

The things of the past have been taken care of for good. For God has prepared a future that is good and for your benefit where people will look at you and praise God. They will know that if you have to become like this, it definitely means that God is on the throne. We pray that your life will be a testimony to unbelievers and to people who have no direction in life.
The reason we don’t walk in what God has planned for us is because we don’t understand His times and seasons. Become sensitive to the season of God and ask Him what season you are in – is it a season for mourning, rejoicing, breakthrough, or some other season? When you ask Him in His season, nothing will stop God from opening up Heavens over your life.

Ask the Lord what season you are in and when God reveals the season, declare it over your life. And you will see how things begin to change for you, around you and inside you.

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