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by | Jun 7, 2022 | Trust

“For the Lord is a great God, the great King ruling over all the other “gods.” The deepest caves and the highest mountains belong to him. The ocean is his—he created it. He made the dry land with his own hands.” – Psalms‬ ‭95:3-5‬ ‭(ERV)‬‬


Greetings in Jesus’ name. Welcome to this beautiful, new morning. I hope that you are doing well, I hope that you are prospering in you relationship with God, I hope that there is nothing that is hindering your walk with God, and there’s nothing that’s hindering your revelation of Who God is.

The more you seek God, the more you ought to see yourselves. You are made in His image. The way our God in heaven is creative, you can be creative here on the earth. The way our God in heaven is intelligent and filled with wisdom, you can reproduce that intelligence and wisdom here on the earth.

That is why the Bible says that we are created in the image and likeness of God. Let’s read one scripture that talks about the greatness of God and the extent of His power.

Psalms 95:3-5 (ERV) – “For the Lord is a great God, the great King ruling over all the other “gods”. The deepest caves and the highest mountains belong to him. The ocean is his—he created it. He made the dry land with his own hands.

This is the greatness of our God. He is the One who created the oceans filled with water and the One who created the dry land where we live. If we can see this God in action, how He carved out every tiny detail to the great landscapes on the earth, we will never doubt His abilities or power. Here we see that God is working not just on the highest of mountains but He is also the One Who owns the deepest caves. Now tell me, is there anything that is too difficult or challenging for this God?

When Job was experiencing frustration and discouragement, he expressed it all and poured it out to God. When his friends came and began investigating, he told them about how he had served God all his life. After his friends finished their conversation, God came into the picture and He began to answer Job. It is interesting to know how God responds to Job’s pain. We would think that God was going to comfort him, tell him it’s ok, promise to restore all that Job had lost and speak comforting words; but instead, God began to reveal His greatness to Job, explain how He controls the sun, moon and the stars, how He controls the mammals, how He manages everything with the breath of His nostrils and how He could orchestrate everything like a painter would paint on a canvas. Then God turns around and asks Him, ‘is this the Person you want to challenge or expect an answer from?’ And that was all that Job needed to be satisfied and immediately the restoration came back. Job was once again blessed and elevated. In other words, the revelation of God’s greatness was the answer that Job needed when he had lost everything and things had spun out of control.

I don’t know what you are experiencing today, but I’m going to declare the greatness of God into your home right now. I’m gonna declare the bigness of God into your family. I’m going to declare the greatness of God over your marriage, relationships and finances. As I declare this, I believe that there is going to be a double portion that is going to come upon you. And this is what the scriptures say, ‘ for the Lord He is a great GOD’.

I declare that let this great God manifest in your home. It says, ‘He is a great King ruling the other gods’, so there is absolutely nothing that is not under His rule; He controls your boss at work, your Prime Minister, and your nation’s rule maker. He is the great King ruling over all the other gods. The deepest caves and the highest mountains belong to Him.

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“The ocean is his—he created it. He made the dry land with his own hands.”
So will you trust Him to establish you in the right place? Because the ocean is also what He created, and the land is also what He created. So will you allow Him to do what He wants to do in your life in the right time, at the right place and in the right manner?


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