Anointing to Solve Problems

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And when all Ja’besh–gil’e-ad heard all that the Philistines had done to Saul, they arose, all the valiant men, and took away the body of Saul, and the bodies of his sons, and brought them to Jabesh, and buried their bones under the oak in Jabesh, and fasted seven days. – 1 Chronicles 10:11-12 KJV


Good morning and greetings.  Welcome to this beautiful day.  I hope that you value where the Lord has placed you in life.  Sometimes you are placed in peoples homes, work environments, friend circles, you may be a leader or a follower.  In some situations, you may be somebody’s colleague, roommate or neighbour, Irrespective of where you are placed, we have a calling or specific function or responsibility we have to dispense in that place.  The question is, what is our calling in the other person’s life?  Some of us are called to be peacemakers in others relationships, some to be problem solvers, comforters, problem solvers, comforters or to become an encourager.  I hope as we begin our day, you will understand what is our function and how we are a blessing to the ones around. 


In 1 Chronicles 10:11 and 12, When all Jabesh-gilead heard all that the Philistines had done to Saul, 12 they arose all the valiant men and took away the body of Saul and the bodies of his sons and brought them to Jabesh, and they buried their bones under the oak in Jabesh, and fasted seven days.


We are talking about a group of people from the town of Jabesh Gilead, famous for notorious things, they were not the most spiritual or intellectual people in the nation, yet these men were the ones who responded when there was a problem in the nation.  The king of the nation was slain, his sons were killed and there was great terror and fear in the nation.  The king’s royal army, generals and soldiers, fled for their lives.  There was nobody in the forefront to lead the nation or providing any direction.  There was crazy amounts of confusion and ambiguity in the air, that is when the Bible says the valiant men of Jabesh Gilead rose up, encouraged themselves and strengthened themselves and said they will solve the problem at hand.  The sad thing is that the rest of the nation didn’t identify the problem, but when valiant men of Jabesh Gilead rose up and said “we have to do something about these people killed in the battle field”  So they risked their lives to find the corpses slain in the battle.  This was a failure in the nation and these guys rose up to bury those failures or give a decent burial or honourable ending to their journey on the earth, putting their lives on the line to give a decent burial to Saul and his sons.  They did not only give them a honourable burial but also fasted and mourned for the leaders that had fallen

The nation got a sense of closure and direction as they could see honour, protocol that had been followed in the nation but it took someone in Jabesh Gilead to go into unchartered territories, that is what a child of God needs to do today to solve someone else’ problem.

See the people of Jabesh Gilead could have stayed at home saying they were not family members or that they did not have anything to do with Saul or his sons.  Why should we be the ones to serve him or get involved in their problem?  Yet they went out of the way to serve them because of which they were known as valiant men.

I hope today an anointing will com upon you to solve, identify problems, become a peacemaker in the people’s problems or relationship, an anointing will come upon you to step up in supernatural courage to rise up, to bury failures no one wants to talk about, to get rid of dead bodies becoming a stench in the city and nation. 

In the first century church, Ananias and Saphira rebelled in the way they handled money and died in front of Apostle Peter.  The next scripture says, young people of the church rose and took the body and buried the body, they didn’t make a mess, didn’t highlight the dead body or make a ruckus in highlighting or questioning the leadership.  They found a way to bury this dead body of Ananias and Saphira.  I hope today, the grace to solve problems, solve stinking situations will come up on you and you will not run away from failures but you will run into every problem you see, so you use the anointing within you to bury failures and give hope to a confused city, church and confused nation. Lets pray.



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