Unseal My Lips

Jan 12, 2018 | Podcast, Prayer

Psalms 51:15

“Unseal my lips, O Lord, that my mouth may praise You.”

Series: A Different Prayer

The words you speak, the prayer you pray and the confession of your lips will change the direction of your life and the destiny you are travelling into.

David prays the prayer in Psalm 51:15 at a time of brokenness in his heart. He had just sinned with Bathsheba and the prophet comes and tells him that what he did is wrong and unacceptable to God. David was one of the greatest worshipers of the Old Testament. When he fell prey to a sin that destroyed his walk with God, he prayed to God to unseal his lips.

One of the biggest indicators that you may be living in sin is that your worship will cease, your desire to pray and your pursuit of God will suddenly stop. It may not be a grave sin like David did; it may be something small. Whatever it is that causes you to disconnect in worship is a sin.

David says he doesn’t want his sin to control his life. He understood that if his lips remain sealed, if it stopped him from praising God, then he would be stuck with that sin. We see that David was graciously able to overcome his challenge by not letting his lips be sealed

You may have challenges, worries and reasons to depress you. In every circumstance, the best thing you can do is open your mouth and praise God. Worship Him from the bottom of your heart and He will direct your life. Anybody who has been a worshiper in the Bible has never stayed poor or hungry or without direction.

Have your own personal time of worship everyday and Heaven will speak to you in an intimate way. When you worship you attract all of Heaven to you and you build a throne room for God. And when God sits upon your life, He is will start moving on your behalf. The book of Jonah has a beautiful testament. Jonah was stuck in the belly of a fish and he began praying. From praying he moved to praise and as he moved to praise, the fish puked Jonah out. The power lies when you begin to worship.

When our lips are unsealed to worship, we will be promoted to the next level of our lives. May you be able to let go of everything that is holding you down and worship Him with everything.

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