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Victory Over Closed Doors

Nov 2, 2017 | Podcast, Prayer

Numbers 21:23

“But King Sihon refused to let them cross his territory. Instead, he mobilized his entire army and attacked Israel in the wilderness, engaging them in battle at Jahaz.

But the Israelites slaughtered them with their swords and occupied their land from the Arnon River to the Jabbok River. They went only as far as the Ammonite border because the boundary of the Ammonites was fortified.”

Series: Overwhelming Victory

We are back to studying some of the battles in the Bible for the 21 days series.
Today we are going to study from the book of Numbers chapter 23. The verse goes on to say:

King Sihon refused to let the Israelites cross his territory. Instead, he mobilized his entire army and attacked Israel in the wilderness, engaging them in battle at Jahaz.”

This verse is a beautiful example of what happens when somebody resists the plan of God.

God had asked Moses to ask permission to cross King Sihon’s territory. In fact, Israel was nice to them by requesting the King to pass through the region with the promise that they would stay on king’s road and if any of their livestock would use any of his resources they promised that they would pay for it. But the King refused to let them pass through the region.

There is something about the children of God that threatens the enemy. There is an anointing on our life, our business, our finance, our walk with God that threatens the enemy. One of the ways that he (the enemy) reacts or shows that he is threatened is by closing the doors in front of us. When believers see close doors they think that this is not God’s will and start indulging in self-pity immediately.

Though King Sihon refused to let the Israelites pass through , they did not give up. Instead, they waited on God and inquired if the closed door was from God or not, if not they were going to knock it down and they did what they said. They slaughtered the entire city wiping them off the face of the earth to the point that the Israelites started residing in the city.

Jesus said – ask it shall be given to you, if you don’t get it by asking seek and even if you don’t get it by seeking then start knocking. And when you start knocking the door will be opened to you. This is the form of prayer that we need to follow.

The Bible says in Revelation Chapter 3 that Jesus has the key of David and He opens doors that nobody can shut and shuts the doors that nobody can open.

We pray let the key of David begin to function for you, through you and around you in every area of your life!

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