What Music Are You Dancing To?

Feb 7, 2018 | General, Podcast

Daniel 3:7 MSG

“The band started to play, a huge band equipped with all the musical instruments of Babylon, and everyone—every race, color, and creed – fell to their knees and worshiped the gold statue that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up.”

This podcast is a repost, originally published on Dec 21, 2015

Today we are reading from the book of Daniel chapter 3.

King Nebuchadnezzar set up a gold statue to discredit the dream he had received the previous day with gold head, bronze chest and silver leg with mud on his feet. Daniel interpreted the dream to be that the gold head is the King and after that will come two other nations. But King Nebuchadnezzar defied this and said that there will be no other kingdom than his alone and everything will be gold. He made sure all the people worshiped the gold statue and recognised that he is the greatest King.

Though God showed this dream and acknowledged that his kingdom is great inspite of that he declared that his kingdom is the biggest and will last forever. He also organised a band to play and made every creed, race, color to worship this gold statue.

We face similar situations in our lives – battles at workplace and decisions we make. Everything that exalts itself against the Kingdom of God is from the kingdom of the world. We will face it in our relationships too.

There are two kinds of music we will constantly hear – one will invite you to bow down to the gold statue and another will invite you to bow down to the real King Jesus Himself which is the real music of heaven. Which tune or music are we bowing down to? Are we bowing down to the world’s tune which is temporary or are we bowing down to the kingdom of heaven’s tune which is everlasting and unshakeable which we are supposed to follow.

Let us make an effort to disconnect from all the voices of negativity, good or bad and tune to the heavens voice immediately and let heaven sing a song on us and let we respond with obedience to the voice of Holy Spirit. Today may we dance to the tune of heaven.

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