Breath of the Almighty

Mar 25, 2020 | Wisdom

Breath of the Almighty

Mar 25, 2020 | Wisdom

Job 32:8 NIV
But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.

In the scriptures, we read about a friend of Job named Elihu. During the phase of struggles in the life of Job, his friends condemned him instead of comforting him. After three of his friends criticised him, this young man wanted to talk to Job and give his perspective to the issue.

In the crisis that we are currently facing it enables everyone to voice out their opinion. The three friends of Job only discouraged him but Elihu exalted the name of the Lord and His wonderful doings. Elihu introduces himself that he is not wise as they are or even has experience but the Holy Spirit and breath of God is the one that gives wisdom and understanding.

According to the context, it is the human spirit that God breathed into us when he created Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. The spirit that was breathed into us dies when sin enters, although our minds function well. The reason we lack wisdom or understanding is because the spirit in us is not awake.

When Jesus met His disciples after resurrection, He breathed into them and asked them to receive the Holy Spirit. According to the New Testament church, we are the ones who have received Jesus Christ. The breath of God that is inside of us teaches us understanding and gives us wisdom and ability to neglect the problems. In this situation, we are tempted to respond with our information, logic and knowledge but instead let us take time to rely on the Holy Spirit, the breath of God that is within us.

Everything we speak without the breath of God does not make sense as it has no understanding but may our words be from understanding and divine perspective. May we see things the way God sees them but not as the government, press or the health officials do. May we be different with the understanding of the Lord.

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