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by | Jun 15, 2022 | Wisdom

If you are truly wise, you’ll learn from what I’ve told you. It’s time for you to consider these profound lessons of God’s great love and mercy! – Psalms 107:43 (TPT)


Good Morning and Greetings in Jesus’ name. Welcome to this beautiful amazing new morning.

I hope that today we will grow in our wisdom, in our ability to respond to God and our ability to understand God’s ways. Our greatest failure in life sometimes can be that we are unable to understand God because our eyes are closed, and hearts are too numbed to understand the ways of the Lord.

God’s grace, mercy, love, God’s unconditional acceptance for each and every one of us, if we would have a glimpse of how much God loves us, if we would have an understanding of the ways for how God has provided for us . Then we will never question the ways of the God. We will never question the manner of God.

In Psalms-107:43 says If you are truly wise, you will learn from what I have told you. It’s time for you to consider this profound lessons of God’s great love and mercy”

The psalmist says, the wise – they are going to learn from what they have been told and what they have been taught. Some of us, we don’t want to learn from what we have been taught. Instead we want to go experience things for ourselves on our own. And sometimes we end up in a ditch, we want to try everything possible ‘in our hands’. And then finally we make our conclusions and then we grow in our own wisdom. But, the psalmist is saying we don’t have to always end up in a struggle or a problem in order to grow in wisdom. If we can identify the people that God has given us. If we can listen to what we have been taught and just listen, understand and obey the wisdom of other, then you are truly wise. It’s not that the others who have wisdom are doing the wrong way, but it will take a long time. It will cost money, many opportunities, also sometimes blessings that are supposed to come to us early on in life. On the contrary if we say we are truly wise, then we have to understand when the bible says ‘truly wise’ it means it’s something that “we begin with” not a place where we reach after making all your choices and decisions and then figuring out a way through it and finally reaching a place of wisdom. NO!

If we are truly wise it will be shown in the way how we receive wisdom from others. If we are truly wise it will be shown in the way how we are willing to seek out help, seek out mentorship, seek out for counselling, seek out the word and the voice of God, seek out a specific prophetic assurance for our everyday life. If we will seek it out from the Men and Women of God or the other brothers and sisters whom God placed in our life around us, then the we can be called as truly wise people as the bible says.

The bible says “if you are truly wise you would have learn from what I have told you”. It’s time for you to consider this profound lessons of God’s great love and mercy. Here the author has given us a description of what are the things he has been saying it to the audience. He says that these lessons are the lessons of God’s love and mercy. If we read the context we will see that in the entire book of psalms, how the hand of God led them through difficult times and the how the hand of God helped them even in the highs and lows, how the hand of God protected them and even how sometimes the hand of God disciplined them. And then the psalmist says these are the lessons of God’s great love and mercy.

This teaching was not full of how good the author was or the audience was, not full of how problematic the author’s life was or how bad the life of audience was. This teaching was full of Gods great love and mercy. Every word which came out of his mouth is the demonstration of God’s love. It’s was an expression of God’s mercy. What would you think, if a man or women who is constantly been exposed to a Man or Women of God who talks about God’s great love and mercy. For 365 days such man and women are being exposed to God’s love and mercy everyday.

And the psalmist says, it’s now time for us to consider these profound lessons which means it’s not enough that we only listen to somebody who is teaching us about God’s love and mercy but it’s also important that we now sit and consider. Meaning – it is also necessary that we now meditate on it and we think about it. We sometimes wonder how we can put this into practice. We make a plan that how are we going to execute the physical practical demonstration of God’s great love and mercy in our life. Consider every relationship that God has given in our life. Some them can be at home, some can be at our work place or at our church. How are we going to demonstrate God’s love and mercy to them through our words and actions. Consider this profound lessons of God’s great love and mercy. The psalmist is saying in the scripture- today is the day, today is the time and hour where we sit and consider this great lessons. And if that is who we are, that means we are truly wise!

2 ways to consider if we are wise.

  • If we are willing to first listen to what we have been taught and told.
  • If we are willing to take time to consider the profound lessons of God’s great love and mercy that has been taught to us.

Its not just giving our ears but also give our time , meditation and thoughts to what has been taught to us. Then we are truly wise. None of us will be under the fault of assumptions, that just because we are Christians we are automatically wise and nice people. No! The truly wise people will know how to obey instructions. They know how to give in to instructions and the word and voice that is suppose to come to them. The truly wise people will constantly meditate on the profound lessons that they are receiving from their Man and Women of God.

Prayer: Father we thank you for this Scripture. We thank you for this revelation. We pray that we will be a generation of truly wise people. We give you all the praise. In Jesus name we pray.



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