An Invitation

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Here is what the angel told me to write. “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” Then he added, “These are the true words of God.” – Revelation 19:9 (NIRV)


Good morning and Greetings in Jesus’ name! Welcome to this beautiful new day!

I hope that you are continually reading the scripture and growing in revelation and knowledge of the Lord. It is very important that we do not miss a single day, chapter, verse from the Holy Bible. The bible reading plan that we have been reading together as a church community helps us to read the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice through the course of this entire year. The purpose of this reading is so that we will get rooted in the word of God, that the word of God will become the foundation for every choice we make, every decision we make, every transaction we have in life will all be based on what God’s word tells us.

Today, we are in the book of Revelation 19:9. This is a blessing that has been proclaimed over a certain group of people. “He said to me, write blessed are those that are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb. He said to me these are true words of God.”

We are talking about how we need to meditate on the word of God. We need to meditate on what God is speaking to us, what God has already revealed to us, and what God is going to give us in the days to come. Now, the response that we have to that word, to that voice and to that revelation is very important. If we do not respond correctly, then we will miss out on the blessings that are available in that word.

The bible says, “these are the true words of God” – blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb. Do you know that when you read your scripture (bible) or when you spend time listening to somebody teaching from the bible, what you are doing is receiving an invitation to the marriage supper of the lamb! In this invitation there are details of the venue, the timing, dress code, details of how you need to prepare yourself. Some of us may read all of this and just take it in as information or just general knowledge. Whereas, others, when we read this information, we are going to change our lives, restructure everything in our lives in order to fit in to that wedding day. Those are the people that are responding correctly to this invitation.

The bible says “if you did receive an invitation, then you are blessed,” which means that if you have access to God’s word, if somebody is teaching you the word everyday, if somebody is revealing the heart of God to you regularly, if you have access to meditate on the scripture day in and day out, if you have a bible in your own language, if you have revelation and knowledge to understand what God is speaking to us through the scriptures, I am telling you that you are blessed because these are the true words of God, “blessed are the ones that are invited into the wedding supper of the lamb.”

This is God’s heart for you. You are blessed if you have access to scripture, to this invitation, not everybody has access to it. Now, the question is, “how are we going to respond to it?”

Jesus told us the parable of a wedding feast where the king sends out invitation to everybody who is important in his kingdom. They all turned down the invitation because they had one or the other thing that was more important than the wedding. Somebody said that they  just got married, so thay can’t make it to this wedding; someone else said that thay  just started a new business and need to spend more time to attend to it; Some would give reasons with regards to their relationships, their financial commitments. Others would give reasons that are more religious or spiritual in nature.

But, whatever those reasons were, they were all excuses to not respond to this invitation, to the voice of God. Even the ones that did respond, the bible says that there was one guy who responded to the word of God, to the invitation; he came to the wedding feast and yet he did not have the right clothes on. He read the requirements that are there in the wedding invitation and yet he did not obey the requirements; he did not dress accordingly. Jesus explained to us how even this guy didn’t get to take part in the wedding feast.

Now, it is not just enough that we respond to God’s word, it is also important that we obey God’s word. It is very easy to say “yes, Amen, I receive.” We put an offering, build an altar, yes I will be there God serving your will and your purposes. But, when it comes to practically obeying him, are you dressed in wedding clothes, are there wedding garments that are covering you? Are you in this wedding feast prepared, obedient, submissive to the heart and the mind of God. If you are not, then today is the day we repent, today is the day we change our attitude, perspective; we renew our mind, we change our habits, we change our relationships, we change our priorities, prepare, wear the right clothes, the right attitude, mindset, wear the right conversations and prepare yourself so that you are not going to just receive an invitation but you respond to the invitation and you will obey the instructions in that invitation. Because the bible says, “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast, to the wedding supper of the lamb. Because these are the true words of God.”


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