Freed from Obligation

Sep 19, 2018 | Worship

Ruth 1:7 NLT
With her two daughters-in-law she set out from the place where she had been living, and they took the road that would lead them back to Judah.

Here’s a reminder today, no matter how many times you fail or give up, God doesn’t give up on us. God wants to revive us, He is a God of second chances and would release the second chance as long as we are willing to come to Him.

The book of Ruth talks about a God of second chances. Naomi ran from God and had become bitter because of the three deaths that took place in the family. The Bible explains, how God gave her a second chance by giving her grandchildren she thought she would never have.

The verse talks about Naomi heading back to Judah with her two daughters-in-law. Naomi had released both the daughters-in-law from the obligation to come. This is what we get to learn from the verse mentioned here, religion gives us an obligation to come to church regularly and do things. Anytime, we do something out of obligation, the day that obligation is taken away, we fall apart.

Orpah left with Naomi out of an obligation. Let me ask you a question – why are you following the Lord? Why are you going to church regularly? What if you were told there is no reward out of this? Would you still do it because you love the Lord?

If you were told, going to church on Sunday is no bigger deal, would you still go?
If you were told, baptism is no big deal, would you still get baptised?
If you were told, sharing the gospel may not yield any effect, would you still do it?

Many times we do something, for an outcome or a result. What if you were told there is no outcome or result out of it, would you still keep doing it? Your response would explain whether you follow the Lord out of religious obligation or a relationship you have with Him.

When Jesus asked Peter, ‘do you love Me’, it was only when he said yes, he was qualified to feed His sheep/followers.

God bless you with these words and free you from every obligation!

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