Glorious Crown

Mar 26, 2020 | Worship

Glorious Crown

Mar 26, 2020 | Worship

Isaiah 28:5 NLT
Then at last the LORD of Heaven’s Armies will himself be Israel’s glorious crown. He will be the pride and joy of the remnant of his people.

Let us come back to the presence of God and be very attentive to His voice. When we allow God to speak to us, He fixes some of our deep rooted problems and realign things in our life.

In this scripture, Prophet Isaiah is addressing Samaria which is the crown of Israel.

Prophet Isaiah said to the City of Samaria that he is going to destroy the city. The City of Samaria had boasted itself and contained pride. The entire city had fertile valley and was beautiful with blossoms but the Lord said that He is going to send a mighty army against it.

With the context of our lives, the Lord might have sent a storm against our family, finances, career and health. It is a time when our science and healthcare become our idols that we seek their help first rather than God’s. The Lord is speaking to everything that is a glorious crown in our lives and that He would bring hailstorms to it which would burst it and bring it smashing to the ground.

The Lord says that He will remove everything that is taking away our worship, adoration, respect and time out of our lives. And He will be seated in the position of most worshipped, revered and honoured place. He also says that when you rely and depend on someone heavily, He is jealous of that affection.

Let us not reach a place where God does not to want to fight for your worship. Let us feel special for the possessiveness of God over us.

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