Glow With Health

Oct 16, 2018 | Worship

Lamentations 4:7-8 NLT
Our princes once glowed with health – brighter than snow, whiter than milk. Their faces were as ruddy as rubies, their appearance like fine jewels. But now their faces are blacker than soot. No one recognizes them in the streets. Their skin sticks to their bones; it is as dry and hard as wood.

There is something that worship does to us. More than it transforming the atmosphere around us, it also transforms us. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 3 that when we worship the Lord who is Spirit – perfect, pure, and holy, we are transformed on a daily basis from glory to glory as we behold Him, look at Him, and gaze at Him.

God is the King of the universe. If that is true, then we carry the royalty in our blood, on our faces and in our lifestyles. The one reason why we, at times, lose track of who we are is because of our lack of devotion to Him.

This happened to the Israelites when they started worshiping literal idols, practising ugly pagan cultures, and because of which, God had to judge them and had to send them out of their land, and they went into captivity.

Lamentations 4:7-8 talks about a physical transformation that happened in the lives of the princes. Once upon a time, their faces would glow, their health would be so amazing, and yet now, they became ugly, and lost their glory.

We are the royal priesthood. We serve a royal King, and we ought to resemble royalty in everything just like these princes would glow in their health, on their face, in their conversations, and in everything, there will be a royalty that will be associated with them, and it just got degraded because of false worship and wrong kind of worship.

Put your worship and heart in the right place, and see how everything that has been stolen away from you will be restored back to you. This will not just be a spiritual transformation but it will also begin to reflect physically.

Some of you as you begin to worship the next 3 days, people would say that your face is completely different and it is going to glow like never before. Your whole attitude and your perspective is going to change in this season, and the glory of God which was shining upon Moses when he spent time with God which will begin to shine upon you. What is inside of you is going to begin to manifest, not just in your mind and in your emotions, but even in your body.

Start realigning your worship today and wait and watch what God will do over the next 3 days and this is a promise for some of you.

God bless you.

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