Grain & Wine

Oct 23, 2018 | Worship

Joel 1:9 NLT
For there is no grain or wine to offer at the Temple of the LORD. So the priests are in mourning. The ministers of the LORD are weeping.

This is in the particular time in Israel when there was much starvation and lack of worship, there were no people who were bringing food in the house of the God.

The grain represents the word of God and the wine represents the presence of the Holy Spirit and so there was no word and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the temple.

The one thing that allows us to worship God is the revelation that is prescribed in the scriptures and the other will help us is the presence of the Holy Spirit. When we don’t have the foundations that helps us to worship, we cannot come to God and worship Him.

With the word and Spirit working hand in hand we will be able to grow up because the word of God speaks the heart of God and the Holy Spirit will interpret it and make it understandable to us.

Why do you think there is continual discouragement that is plaguing our church, pastors or leaders? We are devoid of worship, the word and the presence of the Holy Spirit because we are not paying attention in bringing the grain and wine into the house of God.

Our worship is not limited to the goosebumps we feel or exciting that we enjoy, but it’s more to do with the continual dependence on the word and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

If you spend some time reading the bible, speaking in tongues, being attentive to the voice of God, and being sensitive to the stirring of the Holy Spirit in your heart, you’d go to the next level of worship and your offering of sacrifice to God.

As you grow today, may you experience abundance of grain and wine in your house and you will be a priest who will be rejoicing and celebrating the kindness and goodness of God.

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