I Know He Lives

Jun 23, 2020 | Worship

I Know He Lives

Jun 23, 2020 | Worship

Job 19:23-27 NLT
If only my words were written in a book, better yet, chiseled in stone! Still, I know that God lives, the One who gives me back my life and eventually He’ll take His stand on earth. And I’ll see Him even though I get skinned alive! See God myself, with my very own eyes. Oh, how I long for that day!

This podcast was originally published on November 25, 2017.

Today the scripture that we are going through is Job 19:23-27. This scripture has been the motivation of lot of songs and sermons.

The confessions that Job is making in this scripture:

1. God is in control
He knows that all the trials and troubles that he is facing is temporary. He says, I know that God lives.

Today we have the bible, the Holy Spirit living inside of us and the testimony of Jesus to follow. But back then Job had nobody to look at, not even an example to follow. But still he says that – I know that God lives.

Many a times when trouble comes, the one thing that we forgot is that what are the things that we know that we are aware of. If you don’t know God and if you don’t know what God has done for you then you will not be able to be firm when God wants to do something for you. But if you know God and have a personal relationship with Him then no matter what comes into your life, everything will look simple.

2. God is a restorer of his life
If you are going through a trial then you have to believe that He is the One who can restore your life. When God restored Job double to what he had lost, then God can do much more better for us.

Job did fear and questioned God, but all of these he did because he didn’t had a bible, he didn’t had people around him who were encouraging him. But this is not the story of our lives, we have bible with us and encouraging people around us, above all we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us testifying and affirming to our spirit who we really are and what our calling is. This is more than enough reason for us to believe in the restoring power of God.

3. He will see God
Job didn’t believe that he will see God not just intellectually or spiritually or with the eyes of faith but he believed that he will see God with his own eyes. For Job God was a very big reality. He believed that God lives, that He will restore his life, and he will see Him.

4. He longed for the day to see God
Seeing God was Job’s ultimate goal which remained even in the midst of his trials. And this is the reason why he din’t get discouraged in spite of his troubles.

Do you know who your God is? Do you know that He has the heart of restoration over your life? Do you long to see Him? Do you have a hunger to receive from God? If you do then you will never ever be disappointed.
Hope this podcast will bless you to pursue after God like how Job did.

God bless you

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