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Apr 16, 2018 | Worship

Isaiah 1:3 NLT
“Even an ox knows its owner, and a donkey recognizes its master’s care – but Israel doesn’t know its Master. My people don’t recognize My care for them.”

Series: Isaiah

From today onwards we will be starting a study from the book of Isaiah – one verse from every chapter of the book.

We have been studying the book of Isaiah in our Anchor Group at church and we will do the same in our podcasts as well.

The ONE reason that we need to pay attention to the book of Isaiah is because it’s not man who is speaking but God. If this is God’s voice we better not ignore it.

Today’s scripture portion is from Isaiah 1:3 – “Even an ox knows its owner, and a donkey recognizes its master’s care – but Israel doesn’t know its Master. My people don’t recognize My care for them.”

From this scripture we can actually define worship! – Worship is you recognising what God is doing for you, acknowledging God’s hand over your life, being grateful for His blessings, faithfulness and kindness.

We think worship is only about singing songs and reading bible. But in this scripture God is saying that the ox and the donkey knows the master and what he is doing for them.

There are two things that is essential in worship:

1. To know God
2. To recognise what He is doing in our life

Many a times we either only recognise what God is doing in our life but we hardly grow in knowing Him or we are only focused on knowing Him but hardly be grateful to the things He is doing in our life. But both of them is necessary. The scripture says, the ox knows its master and the donkey recognises him.

Are you living a life of consistent acknowledgement and consistent recognising? Look for opportunities and ways to recognise God and His care in your life. And that will be worship.

We generally spend our time in knowing things that are not real, why not invest our time in getting to know the eternal God with whom we will be living all of our eternity.


“Abba Father, I pray that even as we listen to this morning’s devotion, there will be an atmosphere of worship that will overflow through this podcast to every man and women that is listening to me right now, in the name of Jesus. There shall be no more ignoring of God and there shall be no more not acknowledging your care in our lives. Help us to do that today, help us to be better than the ox or the donkey that knows its master and understands its care. Help us to know our master intimately and to understand your care for our life. We thank you for hearing our prayer, in Jesus name we pray. Amen!”

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