Mediocre to Best Worship

May 2, 2019 | Worship

Mediocre to Best Worship

May 2, 2019 | Worship

Malachi 1:13 NLT
You say, ‘It’s too hard to serve the Lord,’ and you turn up your noses at my commands,” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. “Think of it! Animals that are stolen and crippled and sick are being presented as offerings! Should I accept from you such offerings as these?” asks the Lord.

This Podcast is a repost, originally published on Feb 2, 2017.

We have been studying and learning to avoid the wrong kinds of worship, today let us think about how mediocrity in worship displeases the Lord whom we serve. He ought to have the best of us.

God is not satisfied with mediocrity. You have to give Him the best of worship.

A stolen animal is not your sacrifice. You cannot give someone else’s offering.A blemished animal sacrifice is ridding yourself of what cannot be of your personal use. Some give to God to escape tax.

Do not give simply because it is ‘better’ to give it to the church as it is ‘one step higher’ than the government. It is an unqualified thought.

Some of us make every excuse possible to escape expressing true worship.The kind of worship the Bible talks of is good. If the Bible says life your hands, stand in His presence, bow down, do it truly.

Don’t give him your mediocre worship. He does not tolerate it.When you gather with the church, do not be concerned with what others do. Worship Him with everything because He is worthy.

If you want to give Him your worship, give Him the best.He will respond with the best!

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