Renewed Strength

Jul 4, 2018 | Worship

Isaiah 57:10 NLT
“You grew weary in your search, but you never gave up. Desire gave you renewed strength, and you did not grow weary.”

Series: The Book of Isaiah

Has it ever occurred to us why would God give us another beautiful day to cherish? It is worthwhile, to note that our life hangs in His breath and the moment He decides to take His breath away all creation ceases to exist for the same reason that all creation moves and has life as they are fastened to the Creator.

The people of Judah worshipped idols with fervour and passion. The Bible says in Isaiah 57:10– ‘’You grew weary in your search but you never gave up. Desire gave you renewed strength and you never grew weary.’’ 

Inspite of worshipping idols for a long time they never grew weary, instead their desire gave them renewed strength. If our heart’s desires are tamed and after the heart of God, then it is bound to renew our strength to pursue Him but, if it is after the cares and concerns of this world, then no matter how discouraged and distraught it leaves you, you will still want to persist down that trail because of the desire that renews your reason to go after it.

Jesus, after He had finished praying in the garden of Gethsemane walked over to the disciples to find them sleeping and He said to them ‘’The spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak.” The key to overcoming is to tap into the spirit, and to yield to its desires which will in turn enable you to pursue God as the spirit within us yearns for Holiness.

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