Restitution Offering

Apr 1, 2020 | Worship

Restitution Offering

Apr 1, 2020 | Worship

1 Samuel 6:3 HCSB
They replied, “If you send the ark of Israel’s God away, you must not send it without an offering. You must send back a restitution offering to Him, and you will be healed. Then the reason His hand hasn’t been removed from you will be revealed.”

In the context, there was a great plague brought into this nation because the Ark of God was brought into their nation. The Ark of God did not originally belong to the Philistines. The Philistines won a battle with the Israelites and by the nature of the war, The Philistines were allowed to keep the plunder you receive as result of the battle. The Israelites had a fatal mistake of carrying the Ark of God into the battle. When they lost the battle, the enemy nation took away the Ark of God. And when, they took the Ark of God they placed it in a temple where pageant gods and goddesses were worshipped. By which, the great plague ravished into the nation that people began to have tumors and boils all over their bodies. During the phase, they found a solution.

In this season, whenever we remove the presence of God, we will be vulnerable for the enemy to attack us. Likewise in the scripture, the Ark of God was devalued and disrespected with other idols and false gods which led to the attack of the nation. We need to reposition the presence of God in our country which is the responsibility of The Church. We must begin to exalt, worship and celebrate God like never before.

The Philistines realised that repositioning the Ark of God could bring them healing but we cannot send it to it’s origin without placing an offering. It is necessary to send a restitution offering with the Ark of God which would lead to healing.

We need to constantly sacrifice at the altar in every aspect. Let us build sacrificial altars till we receive a breakthrough. Firstly, let us exalt the presence of God. And secondly, let us present a restitution offering to Him.

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