Strong & Steadfast

Feb 19, 2020 | Worship

Strong & Steadfast

Feb 19, 2020 | Worship

Romans 16:25 TPT
I give all my praises and glory to the one who has more than enough power to make you strong and keep you steadfast through the promises found in the wonderful news that I preach; that is, the proclamation of Jesus, the Anointed One. This wonderful news includes the unveiling of the mystery kept secret from the dawn of creation until now.

Apostle Paul is specifically speaking about the mysterious plan that God had in mind for all of humanity. This plan was kept as a mysterious secret from the dawn of creation until Paul’s time.
The time Jesus came into this world, He revealed this plan, died for us on the cross, went back to heaven and sent the Holy Spirit to us, this began to make sense to us because the Spirit of God has access to the mind of God and the Spirit of God brought revelations from heaven and opened up the mystery of salvation (being saved by faith and to rely on the grace of God and to understand who Jesus really is).

The wonderful news that Paul preached is the proclamation of Jesus, the Anointed One and this was the mystery that was kept hidden from the dawn of creation until now. Apostle Paul says that in the proclamation of this mystery, you receive power that will make you strong and power that will keep you steadfast.

The bible says that in this proclamation of Jesus that we receive the power is because Jesus carries all of God and the fullness of God is hidden in Him and the more we proclaim Him, the more we declare, the more we celebrate Him, the more we talk about Him, the more we will be recipients of the power that can make us strong, steady and stable in every area of our life.

It is not necessarily that in good seasons we need strength but when we are in an unstable season or we are in a mess in almost every area of life, that is when God is offering us power to make us strong and to keep us steadfast and this power will automatically cause us to worship God.
Let today be your day of strength, stability and steadfast pursuit of God because of the promises that are hidden in the proclamation of Jesus, the Anointed One.

Father, I pray that anybody that is under the sound of my voice will receive this power to be strong and steadfast and as they receive this power, may it also naturally overflow in praises, glory, thanksgiving, honor, worship and adoration of Jesus, who is the Anointed One. Lord we love you, in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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