Terrify and Destroy gods!

Dec 4, 2018 | Worship

Zephaniah 2:11 NLT
The Lord will terrify them as He destroys all the gods in the land. Then nations around the world will worship the Lord, each in their own land.

This prophetic scripture from Zephaniah 2:11 is actually speaking about the land of Philistia, and the Lord is giving a very prophetic word over this nation.

So often, we create our own gods. Sometimes, it is our money, our occupation, comfort of our family relationships, our friendships or the safe neighbourhood that becomes our god.

We Christians take our refuge sometimes not in God but in the church, in the pastors, in the good fellowship, and so often we think that our church is our place of refuge and we try to keep God out of it and slowly church becomes religion and church becomes our god where everything is about serving the church and not really about serving the Lord.

The moment we think that God is no longer our refuge and our strength, and the church or city or the job becomes our idol, the Lord says He is going to destroy them. If you are worshipping anybody but Jesus, then there is a judgement coming not upon you but judging the god that you are worshipping by showing you the futility of the trust that you have placed in this god.

What is His purpose? The bible says ‘then nations around the world will come and they will worship the Lord, each in their own land’.

When the terror strikes the gods, it may be a particular person, a company, an organization, a church or an institution or whatever that is craving worship and draw attention from you all the time, the Lord says He is about to judge each and every single one of them and they will know that there is no one else worthy of worship than Him.

It is better to go to the Lord today unconditionally before the Lord sends the terror over our gods, we have to displace them from those places and then come to a place of true and real worship and when you completely surrender before God, you will see that our God is a God who will have mercy and will give you the grace to worship and seek Him with all your heart.

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